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Picture of Branchline - Canada's Rail News magazine



Branchline is the Society's monthly (except July and August combined) magazine mailed to Subscribing Members. Besides the latest Canadian rail news, Branchline includes interesting articles on historic and current topics about the railways of Canada. In addition, there are updates to locomotive and equipment changes for Class 1 and shortline railways as well as industrial operations across Canada. Each issue includes many colour and black and white photographs.

New-> Annual Branchline Subscriptions can now be purchased on-line

Purchase a Canadian, USA or International Subscription and enjoy the news and stories each month in Branchline. The subscription rates are:

Subscriptions Price Increase

The executive submitted a subscription price increase to the membership at March 2014 meeting, which was approved. The new prices are in affect and are reflected below.

Please note an increase in US and International subscriptions effective August 1st. This reflects increased postal rates and US exchange rates.

Canadian Subscriptions

Pricing based on Province/Territory selected (taxes and surface postage included).

One Year Canadian Subcriptions Two Year Canadian Subscriptions
Select Province/Territory
Select Province/Territory

U.S. Subscriptions

One Year U.S. Subcriptions Two Year U.S. Subscriptions
$54.92 (CAD) for one year (surface mail postage included). $108.74 (CAD) for one year (surface mail postage included).

Overseas/International Subscriptions

One Year International Subcriptions Two Year International Subscriptions
$90.00 (CAD) for one year for air mail (no surface mail available). $179.00 (CAD) for two years for air mail (no surface mail available).

Previous Branchline Editions

Interested in purchasing previous editions of Branchline? See the list of Back Issues that are available.

Index to Branchline on Our Site!

The Society is pleased to provide an online index of Branchline, Canada's Rail News Magazine, since it's introduction in 1966. Our thanks to Colin Churcher a long time member for his extensive work in putting the original index (up to the end of 2009) together, to Jack Loucks for converting it for the Internet, and to Jim Sallie for updating it starting with 2010. For more information see the introduction to the index.

Branchline PDF files on Our Site!

The Society is also pleased to provide online copies (pdf) of Branchline. Our thanks to Jim Sallie for scanning many of the earlier issues, and Dave Stremes for his work in putting the pdf files together. For a Branchline PDF file listing start here to the access the files.

Last updated: August 5, 2014