2017 TSG

The 2017 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide® is the Bytown Railway Society’s 35th edition – contains 744 updated and expanded 5½” x 8½” pages current to February 15, 2017.

Edited by Earl Roberts & David Stremes

5½” x 8½”, Soft cover, 744 pages

  • Locomotives of CN, CPR, VIA, plus Regionals and Industrials 
  • Preserved equipment
  • Passenger cars
  • Urban rail transit
  • Cabooses
  • Non-revenue equipment
  • Radio frequencies
  • Passenger train schedules
  • Freight train numbers
  • Railway reporting marks
  • Detailed divisional maps and subdivision listings for all Canadian railways and their U.S. components, including station names,  mileposts, detectors. siding lengths, locations of cross-overs, wyes and more
  • Maps of major cities detailing rail lines

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian railways, including US based operations.

If you are curious about the content of this publication, we have sample content from representative sections of the 2015 edition available in PDF for viewing here: Trackside Guide Sample Content

Please visit our Canadian Trackside Guide page to order your copy.

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