Picture of The Canadian Trackside Guide 2007 Publication

The Society has a small inventory of the 2007 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide.

Edited by Earl Roberts & David Stremes

  • 5½” x 8½”, Soft cover, 800 pages
  • Locomotives of Canadian National Railway (including Illinois Central), Canadian Pacific Railway, VIA Rail Canada, Regional and Shortline Railways, plus all Industrial locomotives; Urban Rail Transit; Passenger Cars; Cabooses, Work Service Cars and other Non-revenue Equipment
  • Preserved Canadian Locomotives and Equipment
  • VIA and Excursion train schedules
  • Subdivision details for all railways: station names, mileposts, radio frequencies, talking detector locations, divisional maps, detailed maps of major rail centres
  • Railway Reporting Marks
  • Freight Train Numbers

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian railways, including US based operations.

Canada -> $19.95 (all ppd.,taxes included)

United States -> $24.95 (all ppd.,taxes included)

International -> $55.00 (all ppd.,taxes included)

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