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So you're interested in becoming a member of the Society.  That's wonderful news. There are three (3) membership levels in the Society, as follows:

1. Subscribing Members,

2. Regular Members, and

3. Life Members. 

More details about each of the membership levels is available below.  We encourage you to review the Subscribing and Regular Membership Levels to determine what is the right fit for you.

1. Subscribing Members

A Subscribing Member of the Society is a person who:

  1. Has paid the annual membership dues to receive the Society’s publication, Branchline, but does not meet the criteria to be a Regular Member. A Subscribing Member does not have voting privileges.

A Subscribing Member who wishes to be a Regular Member, and has met the criteria for a Regular Member, as detailed below, can send a written request to the Board of Directors. This request will be considered at the next meeting of the Board of Directors, and the Subscribing Member will be advised of the Board’s decision within 30 days thereafter.

2. Regular Members

A Regular Member of the Society is a person who has paid the annual membership dues (Branchline Subscription) and who meets any one of the following criteria:

1. Attends 60% of the regular meetings of the Society; or

2. Participates in the activities of the Society, which include:

· being a regular contributor to the Society’s publications, including Branchline magazine;

· working on the restoration, maintenance and operation of the Society’s artifacts and equipment;

· participating in the public relations activities of the Society, including but not limited to:

· the maintenance and enhancement of the Society’s internet site

· assisting at the Society’s booths at various shows; or

3. Has been a director of the Society at various times for a total of five (5) years.

A Regular Member of the Society is eligible to vote whenever a vote is taken at a meeting of members and is in entitled to receive the Society’s publication, Branchline.

3. Life Members

Life Membership may be granted by the Board to a Regular Member of the Society who has made, over a period of time, outstanding contributions to support the aims and objectives of the Society. Life Members are exempt from the payment of dues, have full voting privileges and are entitled to receive the Society’s publication, Branchline.

Life Memberships have been granted to:

  • Paul Bown
  • Duncan du Fresne
  • Les Goodwin
  • Earl Roberts
  • Dave Stremes

Next Steps

Alright, so you've read the membership options available (above), now what?  Well the very first step is to become a Subscribing Member, once you're a Subscribing Member, then you can look at playing a more active role in the Society ultimately becoming a Regular Member, if that's of interest to you.

To become a Subscribing Member, you need to purchase an annual subscription to Branchline.  Simply click on the link below to purchase a subscription:

Purchase a Branchline Subscription