The data for this index was originally compiled and recorded by long-time BRS member, Colin Churcher. Colin was maintaining the original data in an Microsoft Access Database stored locally on his Personal Computer. A project to migrate Colin's Access Database to an on-line environment was initiated and the end result is what is available here. BRS is very grateful to Colin for his foresight to create an index for the news magazine in the first place, and all his hard work.

The database currently has over 24,000-plus records.  The index data is comprised of 9 fields: Date, Page, Type, Subject, Author, and Notes for every text and photograph item in all Branchline magazines published since 1966. The index content is currently maintained by BRS volunteer, Jim Sallie.

This index is intended primarily as a research tool. It provides the ability to search for and find in which issue a particular article or subject matter appeared in Branchline. Should the researcher not have the Branchline in question in his/her collection, PDF copies of issues are available on our website. Alternatively, hard-copy back issues may be obtained (if available) from the Society’s Sales Desk for a nominal fee. Alternative sources for hard-copy back issues of Branchline that are available for on-location viewing for BRS members research, include:

C. Robert Craig Memorial Library, Ottawa, Ontario

How to Search the On-line Branchline Magazine Index

Searching the index is pretty straight-forward. The first screen displays a page of the index records (oldest 20 records first), and a search bar along the top. (An Advanced Search page is available to those visitors who need more precise searching.)

An example may help. Let's say we need to see all the items in the index authored by our Duncan du Fresne. In order to perform this specific search, we would:

Search for: [Author] [Contains]

Enter the text 'duncan' in the search field box

You may notice that the database will automatically offer Author suggestions as you type.

Select "du Fresne, Duncan H." as the author.

Click on the [Search] button

At this point, all the entries in the database index that were authored by Duncan will be displayed.

Automatic Database Links to Branchline Magazine PDF files

At the moment, there are no URL links in the index database which will automatically open the associated Branchline PDF  file for a specific item you might be interested in. Once you have located the Branchline issue of interest via the on-line index, you must manually browse to the appropriate file using our Branchline PDF Files listings.

Please email Branchline Index comments, suggestions, questions using our Contact Us link

Access to the On-line Branchline Magazine Index

You can simply use the Branchline Index window displayed below, or you can Click here to open the Branchline Index in a New Window, if you prefer.


Branchline Index