Most Motor Cars used in warmer climates may utilize a front wind-screen, however Woodings Railcar Limited manufactured enclosed models specifically for the colder Canadian climate. Motor Cars typically do not have any suspension system and this results in a very 'sporty' ride for the occupants.  However, the Woodings CBL model is equipped with (minimal) leaf springs.

In the summer of 2009, the Society 'saved' the Ottawa Central Railway (OCR) one and only Track Unit "TU-1800", from the scrap heap. With the takeover of the OCR by Canadian National, the society was advised that the vehicle was available and if the society wanted it - to take it. Otherwise it would be scrapped. Members of the "Dirty Hands Club" quickly moved into action and picked up TU-1800 car at Walkley Yard and moved it to the museum shop.

The car was built by Woodings Railcar Limited, Lancaster, Ontario Canada which ceased operations in 1991. It is a "CBL" model. Woodings manufacturer a shorter "CBI" model for supervisor/inspection use. Two paint schemes were available: Canadian National MOW (Maintenance Of Way) Red, and Canadian Pacific MOW Yellow. BRS' CBL was originally Canadian Pacific Yellow.

More photos of the restoration work are available at the link below.


Technical Information

Type and Origin
Power type 4-Cycle Gas Engine
Builder Woodings Railcar Limited, Alexandria, Ontario
Model CBL, Serial No. A198
Build date c1984
Weight TBD lbs
Engine 18 H/P Air-cooled Tecumseh Gas 4-cycle Engine, OH180 180017C SER 4194. Electric Start.
Drivetrain  Belt-driven Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). Forward/Neutral/Reverse Transmission. Driveshaft to rear differential.
Body Fiberglas
Chassis Aluminum
Electrical System 12 VDC Negative Chassis Ground.
Seating 5 passengers (max)
Performance Figures
Maximum speed 10 mph (16 km/h)
Power output 18 hp (13.4kW)
Brakes Manually Lever-Operated Mechanical Shoes