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The 2019 edition of the Canadian Trackside Guide® is the Bytown Railway Society’s 37th edition – contains 744 updated and expanded 5½” x 8½” pages current to February 1, 2019.

Edited by Earl Roberts & David Stremes

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian Railways

  • Locomotives of CN, CPR, VIA, plus Regionals and Industrials
  • Preserved equipment
  • Passenger cars
  • Urban rail transit
  • Cabooses
  • Non-revenue equipment
  • Radio frequencies
  • Passenger train schedules
  • Freight train numbers
  • Railway reporting marks
  • Detailed divisional maps and subdivision listings for all Canadian railways and their U.S. components, including station names, mileposts, detectors. siding lengths, locations of crossovers, wyes and more
  • Maps of major cities detailing rail lines


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Can't wait for the latest Canadian Trackside Guide®? Need something right now?

While most of the editions have long sold out we have a limited number of several editions available at a special price. In most cases less than 20 copies remain. Here is a chance to fill gaps in your set at a discount and get a picture of Canadian Railroading as it was in previous years. Guides tend to be 500 to 800 pages depending on the edition and contain the information as follows.

  • 5½" x 8½", Soft cover, approximately 500 to 800 pages depending on year
  • Locomotives of Canadian National Railway (including Illinois Central), Canadian Pacific Railway, VIA Rail Canada, Regional and Shortline Railways, plus all Industrial locomotives; Urban Rail Transit; Passenger Cars; Cabooses, Work Service Cars and other Non-revenue Equipment
  • Preserved Canadian Locomotives and Equipment
  • Excursion train schedules
  • Subdivision details for all railways: station names, mileposts, radio frequencies, talking detector locations, divisional maps, detailed maps of major rail centres

The only comprehensive guide to Canadian railways, including US based operations.

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Looking to complete your collection of Canadian Trackside Guide® or perhaps you are hunting for an earlier edition?

The Society has a limited inventory through estate donations, and as a result of the changes to the Society Archives. We have copies of the many out of print editions of the Canadian Trackside Guide® available for purchase.

Condition ranges from happily enjoyed to new. Most are in excellent condition. Some are new copies with minor production blemishes. 

Unit prices are $20.00 CAD to Canada or $22.00 USD to USA (price includes shipping and applicable taxes)

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Oops!March 2018, we discovered (along with some of our steely-eyed customers) that there are missing pages in the guide. Basically Section 14 Guide to Canadian Railways, pages 12, 13 and 15 are blank. Here's a formal response from Publications Committee:

Due to an error in the consolidation process, three pages in Section 14 Guide to Canadian Railways, pages 12, 13 and 15 are blank, and this error was unfortunately not noticed during subsequent review steps. 

Replacement pages are available for download here which can then be printed and placed in the proper location. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Bytown Railway Society Publications Committee

If you've already ordered the Guide, we apologize and offer a link to a PDF file for the missing pages.